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Becoming a Beekeeper


Honey bees are amazing creatures and will never cease to amaze you.   To manage bees in a hive, one needs to plan ahead and learn to think like a bee.  

Everyone can help Honey Bees


When you plant a flower or vegetable garden, or think twice about using chemicals to elimate weeds in your lawn, you are helping honey bees.

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About Us

The goal of our Academy is to educate the public about how amazing honey bees are.

Our beekeeper training and mentoring programs are designed to help you succeed as a beekeeper.  



⁠Our Academy offers both classroom and bee yard instructional approaches. 


 Keeping your hives healthy can be challeging. We guide our members through these important tasks. 


Need a knowlegdeable speaker to talk about honey bees to your group?

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⁠⁠Looking for help to safely remove bees from your house or yard?

Or honey for your tummy?

We've got you covered.

The  Hive  Dream Team

The Queen

⁠Typically there is one queen per hive. She rules the the roost and makes sure the population is suitable.

The Worker

About 95% of the hive population are workers and these gals take can of nearly all the business. 

The Drone

These males have an important role in population balance of the hive. 

The Beekeeper

⁠The beekeeper must actively manage the hive and anticipate the needs of the colony to help ensure that the hive is healthy and productive. 

Why People Love Our Academy

" The Academy instructors are great, very knowledgeable and caring!  I quickly realized that there is alot of stuff to think about when keeping bees, so the intensive mentoring offered during the course was key to helping me to organize myself  in order to mange my hives successfully."  T.G.


Ali Mousavi
Academy Founder &

Master Beekeeper (Cornell University)

Honey Bee Basics

Take some time and learn some cool things about honey bees.

Tell me more about Honey Bees 

⁠What are good plants for honey bees?

Is that 'Yellow Stingy thing' a honey bee or a yellow jacket?

⁠What kind of honey is best?

⁠Oh no, there's ball of bees in my tree, what should I do?


What is an apiary?


Do honey bees sting?

Want to learn more about those amazing honey bees? 

Think about becoming a beekeeper.  

Check out our Beginner Beekeeping Course 

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