Beginner Beekeeper Course Info

We offer you two options to help you begin your journey

to help Honey Bees. 

There are many ways that we can all help honey bees.  We offer two  educational options that allow you to  help honey bees in a manner most comfortable to you. 

Option #1:  Learn about honey bees to gain a better appreciation of these amazing insects so that you can help them without the obligation of getting bees.   

Option #2:  Dive deep into honey bee and hive biology in order to foster        your development as a successful beekeeper. 

The Academy's long term goals are to educate the public, mentor beekeepers and provide bee-related services to the community. 

This Academy is approved by Cornell University. ⁠⁠


Course Registration


Registration for the 2025 courses opens October 2024.

Course location: Clemmons, NC

Please be aware that if you have a severe reaction (anaphylactic reaction) to bee stings, then you will be required to carry your EpiPen(s) with you at all times while working in bee yards and be accompanied by an individual knowledgeable about and capable of administering an EpiPen if the need arises.

Option #1

     This option is perfect for those who want to gain new knowledge about honey bees and other pollenators in order to help them.

The Option#1 program will be completed in about 5 weeks (mid-January through February)  and will entail attending the Saturday morning (9am to noon; with Option#2 students) course lectures, during which we will cover biology of honey bees, hive biology, bee plants, pests and parasites.

⁠    For program Option #1, there is no requirement  for homework, exams, assignments, research projects, presentations, or bees.  Public service participation is optional by helping us "talk bees" to the public at the Earth Day Fair (late April).  You are welcome to attend general Academy meetings to continue learning about honey bees.



This option is perfect for those who are seeking new knowledge about bees and eager to learn the depth of science related to honey bees in order to become a sucessful beekeeper.  

The Beginner Beekeeping Option#2 program will be completed in about 6 months (only 3hrs/month).  This program is comparable to an upper-level course and begins with 5 weeks (mid-January through February) of class work (Saturday mornings, 9am-noon; with Option#1 students).

     After satisfactory completion of lecture-centered homework/assignments and a passing grade on the lecture-based exam (at week 6), you will participate in our Beginner Meetings (in person or by ZOOM) at about 4week intervals and just 3hrs/month). These meetings will cover a variety of activities including,  practical workshops aimed at hive construction, bee yard placement, smoker lighting and use, and hive inspection before you get your bees and then project discussions and presentations, problem solving scenarios and discussions of the various facets of beekeeping (swarm prevention, queen rearing, disease and pest detection, honey production) will be discussed during the winter.  Between monthly meetings, work at your own pace to deepen your understanding of honey bees.

We offer this unprecedented and intensive mentoring during your first year as a beekeeper to help you tackle the many challenges and facets of beekeeping. These services are offered, at no extra charge, to help you succeed as a beekeeper.

    To deepen your knowledgebase, you can challenge yourself by participating in guided projects (optional). 

     Finally, an important part of beekeeping is sharing the importance of those amazing honey bees with the public.  To fulfill this component, our Beginner beekeepers will participate in community events (Earth Day Fair, Honey Bee Festival; half day/event).  Collectively, these activies will prepare you to assist with future Beginner Course components and other community opportunities.

⁠    Having completed all of these course components (education, mentoring, service, pass final comprehensive exam), you will earn your Beginners Beekeeping Certificate and be ready to think about continuing your Bee Journey onto the Journeyman level.

Are you ready to take the plunge into the fascinating world of Honey Bees?

Course Registration 

Course location: Clemmons, NC